September 28, 2020

Just another update... I now have the Teams menu working and there are all ten teams with their info online now (well minus one guy). I'm surprised at how many places where I had the number of teams in the league hard-coded at 14. But I'm fixing it right when I find those now. Below is the previous update from September 25, that I'll leave there for a while.
Alright...this is going to be an interesting season. Some of the things on the website will be broken at first, some will be broken for a while. It's going to take some effort to get things looking good again with all the changes that took place, the biggest of which is going from 14 teams down to 10. However, I committed to keeping the website up to date for the season and I intend to do so.

The Reps voted that there will be no Gazette this season, so that will be one thing that will remain blank until all things get back to normal. I know that was a favorite part of the website for many but honestly that page would have been a major ordeal to change down to just 10 teams so perhaps it's for the best this season just to leave that one alone.

With only 10 teams there is a new Playoff format this season...I don't think I'll make a full interactive page for that one, but maybe I can post a picture or something like that...but that's far off in the future before I need to worry about that one.

For now I'm going to work on getting the new Team info online as the Draft happened the other night and the teams have all been selected and games will start on Monday. When I get the full schedule from Chris I will work to get that online as well. Small steps...

Have fun and be safe this season everyone.