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September 4, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 1
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Albert Quattrin4
Mitchell Fink3
Rhett Schaefer3
Jeremy Sharlow3
Alex Wypych3

Play Makers...Assts
James Hoyt3
Mike Medoro3
Who's Hot…
Three wins in a row will get you on the Hot List. But in week one no team can qualify.
...and NOT…
Three losses in a row or winless in five games and your team will end up on the Cold list. Best to try and avoid this one.
Week 1 Intro :
First game back and first time I'm doing the Gazette in what seems like a long time. Thanks to all the Reps for getting in a write-up for the first week That always makes things more interesting.

We've got quite a few rookies in the league this season so about 30 people will be seeing the Gazette for the first time. Looks to look at too with all the scoring, a shut-out and tons of great games to talk about.

Whenever there are many great write-ups I feel I don't need to do much talking up here...so enjoy the Gazette.

Week 1 in Review :
Mavericks 4   Boss 4 :
Moczydlowsky: Fast First Game!!! Wow was that fast!

Mavericks and Boss face off in the FHL season opener and don't disappoint the fans in the stands.

Boss jump out to a 4 to 1 lead after periods and Mavericks battle back in the third to tie it up 4 to 4.

Hat trick by Sharlow and another by Larry.

Zach Cholette looked great in his FHL debut for the Mavericks.

Finger: Game 1: Boss v Mavericks
Holy cow this was a fast game. First period both teams exchange chances but the goalies stand tall, stand square and respond brilliantly. 2nd period coach questions his own madness of drafting a Sparty and a wolverine and putting them out together. It turned out to be a great show. Connecting passes and carrying the play, great chemistry. All Boss in the second as Rookie Blake Smith pots the first two goals of the season (could have had 7 if he had his stick calibrated {coach says constructively and in 3rd person}) off the tenacious work of Eric Peters and great vision of Long John Pearson.

Rookie Goalie Zach was great, our goals were rebounds and trick plays. Nothing straight at him was going to go in, not this night. Boss do hit several posts. Next up, the magic hands, man child Ed Rose takes a pass (maybe a weak shot) from Finger, swipes it from its path it and tucks it in stick side.

Closing the 4 goal second was Capitan John Stadwick who was able to keep calm in a scramble, step back, pull out a 60 degree wedge and chip one in from a horrible angle. Nice collective cognitive cerebral demonstration by the Vetran. Boss feeling good about their effort so far.
Queue the Sharlow show. What idiot on our team worked him up. coach blames the coach!

JS pots one in with a minute left in the 2nd sneaking a crease scramble through the pads and their comeback begins. Both teams exchange blows but the goalies do not break until Larry Rein, out muscles everyone and scoops in a rebound showing hands we did not know he had. Sharlow scores the next one 40 seconds later. Boss coming unglued and caving to a dauntless fore-check. JS completes his hat trick one a nice pluck and wrap around, with a minute left ,,, really? Tie Game?

Mavs have a chance to win late when Sharlow puts a wicked wrister that no one saw… but we all heard it.. PING!! Off the post from the blue line. I swear it went supersonic. Sheesh! Boss squander a 4 goal lead but do not break and Mavs never gave up. Kudos to their fighting souls. Great debut by Blake, great goaltending by both sides. Outstanding sheet of ice and nice venue .. made for a very fast game. Fitting results, neither team deserved to lose.
GranTorinos 4   Rangers 1 :
Vincent: First game down 22 to go. Good to be back on the ice with the boys at the new GC arena. Rookie "Big Jay" aka "Eddie Venom" aka "Big Country" with a quick snapper top teezers to light the lamp and get the game knotted at 1. Pretty tight hockey game through the first 19 minutes with each team tickling the twine once. The Hoyt/Quattrin combo took over after that with Reags doing everything he could to keep us in it. "Lloyd and Harry" combined for all 4 goal's from there team and the GT's played some lockdown D to secure the W for them and send this rook rep to the locker room with a big fat L to start his Moneyball of a season. The Rangers had a bag skate the following day to ensure we'll be ready to go for Game 2 everybody but Kasper showed up.

Michell: First week at our new home went very well, team rep figured out too late that you can't go into the bathroom with your skates on to fill the water bottles at the last minute but Brewmaster Rob Scollard helped me out.
GT looks like they will be good as long as Longhair can score four goals every game, (no pressure).
Some nice passing for the first game of the year but it was Albert top shelf, Albert down low, Albert from a bad angle, you get the picture.
Some nice back checking by the forwards and a solid first night by rookie tendy Marc-Entinne De Gagne kept the Rangers to a single goal.
Next up the Falcons who are looking for their first W.
Bullitts 5   Focus 3 :
DePaoli: Coming off a big championship win from last season, the Bullitts begin their 2017 campaign with a big win against Rhett and Co. The Focus came out strong and took it to us a bit in the 1st and Rhett chipped one in late in the period to break the scoring. The Bullitts would answer, and answer vigorously with 5 unanswered coming from all kinds of sources. Erlandsson opened the scoring for us, rookie sensation Nathan "Maple" Leifer was very comfortable in the blue and white and scored a couple, back out of retirement, the wiley veteran Sabuda got one, and even the coach sniped one from the blue line. Gardner made the big saves early to allow us to establish a lead and a stronghold over the Focus. Rhett came up big late in the game to complete the hat trick, but it was too little.

Great game and a lot of speed for week 1. Great to be back in FHL action.

P.S. The locker rooms suck and the rest of the rink isn't much better, but it's our new home. I do like the extra wide automatic sliding entry doors.
Welcome back FHL'ers.

Scollard: The Focus open up the season sporting new throwback uniforms from the 1980-88 Los Angeles Kings and face the defending Stanley Pump champs who have (4) players returning from last year's team so the Focus will have a challenge especially with a particularly young team this year.

The Focus start the scoring when rookie Rhett Schaefer gets a nice goal in under Gardner. That was the highlight of the night for the visiting team however as the Bullitts go on to get (5) unanswered goals with some shoddy defense displayed by the Focus. No quit in the Focus though as they kept battling and Rhett gets (2) more goals to get his first hat trick as an FHL'r but it wasn't enough as the home team goes on for the win.

Welcome back to all players in the FHL and to the many rookies this year and to all good luck this season in our new rink!
Diesels 3   Raiders 2 :
McKenzie: Not the start we wanted to the new season, but there are still plenty of games left to be played. Dolega comes through with two goals.

We made things interesting late in the third, but just not enough to get the equalizer.

Kundinger: Rematch of last year's season opener. Looked like it might be the Raiders edging out the Diesels in a 1-0 shutout again, but it's a new year and a new Diesels team that was ready to change their fate. Diesels finally break the drought in the 2nd period after some nice cycling deep in the Raiders' zone. Rookie Alex gets the feed from the corner while in the slot and fires one 5-hole. Using the momentum of the goal, the Diesels kept the pressure on and rookie Connor hits the water bottle to take the lead! Diesels go into the third with confidence to close it out and they do with another offensive zone cycle that finds Bob Jones in the front to put it in top shelf! Diesels lead 3-1, but the Raiders change lines up a bit to get more offense. They do and manage to get a goal late on a bad pinch by Deke that allowed an odd man rush the other way. 3-2 and you would think it was the playoffs already with the intensity level at its max. Raiders throw everything at rookie goaltender, Money, but he lives up to the name and makes some huge saves to close it out.

Diesels pick up a huge win and break the opening curse for coach Deke. First season opener win since becoming a Rep. definitely made the ice cold beverages taste even better!
Thunderbolts 3   Falcons 0 :
Tymczak: Welcome back! Great game by Alex in net! McCaig is as advertised, plays great both ends! The rookies look like they're going to fit right in!

Bordeau: Stat sheet is very easy to fill out when you do not score any goals and no penalties! OUCH!!!!
Thunderbolts with many subs/up grades come out fast with puck control and get the first goal from unknown star Matt M. who toyed with us most of the game = passed the puck to teammates when he could have shot it.
1-0 for most of the game until Matt M. scores again on a beauty from right face off circle off the far post and IN early in the 3rd period.
Falcons had 2 subs John D and goaltender Chris G who both played well. The Falcons had many of chances but either missed the net or hit Alex in the leg pads, who deserved the first shut out of the season!!
Falcons have a long road uphill sitting in 14th place, OUCH!!
FordTough 5   Broncos 4 :
Kluegel: The FHL's newest team, the Broncos, took the ice against Ford Tough in the season opener. Rookie Rep Matt Kluegel against his "shoestring cousin," grizzled veteran Richie Dalimonte and his newly minted artificial hip. First impressions of Garden City were great as the snack stand lady offered to fill our water bottles.

We'll start by saying that Mitchell Fink is a 5.0 all day long. The game starts with Mitchell Fink scoring two goals for the Tough in the first 4 minutes. Rough start for the Broncos. 2-0 Tough End of 1.

The Broncos would respond in the 2nd period with two Alex Wypych goals, the first of which came on a nice breakout play from Cunningham and Kluegel. The second goal featured some nice puck movement between Radl, Kluegel, and Wypych. It seemed as though the Broncos were starting to take the game over when a turnover led to the Tough scoring their 3rd goal of the game. 3-2 Tough End of 2.

The back-and-forth action continued in the 3rd period. Paul Kinder would knot the game 3-3 by burying a rebound from the left circle. The Tough answered less than a minute later to regain the lead 4-3. With 1:41 to go, Alex Wypych scored a short handed goal (his 3rd goal of the game) on assists from Avila and Kinder to tie it 4-4. Still short handed, Matt Kluegel attempted to dump the puck deep in the Tough zone but it was caught out of mid air by Mitchell Fink, who promptly came down the ice and scored his 3rd of the game with 1:26 to go. Rough way to end the opener! 5-4 Tough, Final.

Fun was had by all after the game with red solo cups all around. Looking forward to next week's matchup against the Cobras. FYI, if you get pissed at Richie just cross check him in the right hip!!! Special thanks to Chris Gadulka for subbing in net.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces Former Ford Tough rep Cousin Matt K and his band of Ford Tough alumni in first game for Coach Dalimonte in 2 years with a new hip...

The Tough open without 5 players and Coach has to get the phones ringing to many FHL brothers to see who can help the Tough on opening night. Thanks go out to Eric G- Money in net, Danny Vincent and Albert Q for subbing. We lose our 1.5 to the night shift and we are still looking for Lubes.

Ford Tough 1st Pick and early Rookie of the Year candidate Mitchell Fink opens the scoring for the Tough 2 min in by getting his own rebound past Bronco sub goalie. 1-0 Tough! 2 min later, Fink strike again with amazing moves through the sluggish Bronco defense :-). 2-0 Tough!!
Period ends

2nd: Former Ford Tough Rookie of the Year and Wingman Award winner shows he has had enough of the Ford Tough Rookie Fink... Strikes 2 times to tie game 2-2. Tough take the lead when Spencer H intercepts a pass and makes a fancy move past a Bronco defender going all alone for a razzle dazzle move on Bronco goalie TOUGH 3-2!!! Period Ends

3rd: Paul Kinder gets a rebound deep in Tough zone as the are trying to catch their breath with 8 players. 3-3 Tough get go-ahead goal as Rookie Jason Blair makes some amazing moves himself goes deep into Bronco zone and make a pass out to Albert who roof top water bottles the go ahead goal!!! TOUGH 4-3!!!! 2min left, Broncos get a penalty. Wypych gets a great pass from Bronco defense and the only man that can catch him is this guy Bionic Coach and I find out quickly, I am not going to catch him. What do I do, throw my stick at puck :-O, miss puck, get penalty but Wypych still is able to make and amazing deke for the Hat Trick to tie game with 1:43 left WTF!!! 4-4

Well, if you were in attendance (Thank you Chris Thieda for showing up to root on your former team mates) you were able to see a 15 second game winner from Mitchell FINK!!!! a Nickname will be coming soon for this fella. Walks the entire Bronco defense and slides one under Bronco goalie WOOOOOOHOOOOO WHAT A DRAFT PICK!!! 5-4!

Broncos pull goalie and the TOUGH stand TOUGH! to pull out this playoff game atmosphere victory!

Thank you to my team mates, subs and the Broncos for this kickoff to the FHL season and my return to the ice.

I want to apologize to Pat M for grabbing your stick a few times and thank you for not hacking me to death. Lucas and Dougy for grabbing your jerseys a few times. Avila for a little body, Cousin Matt for the very timely stick block that sent my stick flying and most of all Alex Wypych for the multiple tugs, hugs, and stick throw.. All of these were way out of character for me and I promise the next time we play, I will be much more adjusted to FHL play.. Love you all.
Cobras 3   Marauders 2 :
Filar: Great to be back out on the ice! I heard lots of complaints of summer rust and saw a bit of it, but all in all a great job from both teams. Absolutely no rusts from the stars of our show - the goalies. Caldwell played outstanding making huge saves to keep his team in the game, while Gadulka had a shutout going until the last minute when his defense really started to shine. Thanks to Maloney, Lacaria and Nalder for subbing and providing some much needed help.

Soper: Knocking the rust off.
Marauders played well with 3 subs ... thanks to Lucas Bell, Chris Dibble and James Radcliffe for subbing.

The goaltending was the story in Game 1. Gadulka and Caldwell put on a show. Newbie Chris Warren lights up the score sheet for the Marads. Nice end to end on the first, then another unassisted right after. Problem those goals were scored in the last minute of the game. Cobra-kai get the two points. Game winner to sub Maloney making Soapdaddy pay for not drafting him. :0)

POG to Warren in his first FHL game ever.
Johnny Good Times wasn't bad for after the game ... great prices and good food (SW corner of Inkster and Cherry Hill). Burger way better than Millers!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Wed - Sep 06, 20176:00 PMCobras at Broncos
Wed - Sep 06, 20177:00 PMBoss at Focus
Thu - Sep 07, 20176:00 PMGranTorinos at Falcons
Thu - Sep 07, 20177:00 PMBullitts at Diesels
Mon - Nov 20, 20175:00 PMMavericks at Thunderbolts
Mon - Nov 20, 20176:00 PMRangers at FordTough
Mon - Nov 20, 20177:00 PMMarauders at Raiders

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Our first shut-out of the season goes to the Rogie Guacamole, aka our beloved Treasurer. Four goals for Albert gets him the second spot and a coin toss winner yields our third place representative as many had a hat-trick in the first week.
Alex Contreraz
Albert Quattrin
Mitchell Fink