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September 11, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 2
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Albert Quattrin3

Play Makers...Assts
Albert Quattrin4
Who's Hot…
Still not yet... A team needs to get three wins in a row or be undefeated over their past five games (with a win) in order to get on this list.
...and NOT…
Same here... A team needs to have lost three games in a row or to be without a win over five games (with a loss) to get on this list.
Week 2 Intro :
We have three games that will not be played until the middle of November at this point, but we have to go with the write-ups and such that we have in order to keep things moving. Glad that all the Reps that could were able to put in a write-up.

Week 2 in Review :
Thunderbolts 4   Mavericks 3 :
Tymczak: Back and forth game with a ton of scoring chances for both sides. Cierra is a beast in the corners! She picked my pocket and set up a nice goal by Sharlow! Uhh what happened was...I didn't see her?? Oh well, new guy Alec gave us hope with a tying goal 1 minute into the third. Wad wins it with a goal a minute later, it was one ugly goal set up by ugly people beating even uglier people! Ugly goals win games! Congrats to Tim and Alec on getting their first fhl goals!

FordTough 4   Rangers 2 :

Marauders 5   Raiders 3 :

Cobras 4   Broncos 1 :
Kluegel: Another hard fought FHL game. The Broncos found themselves in a 2-0 first period hole for the second consecutive game. The Broncos would respond to make it 2-1 on a goal from Wypcych with the assist going to "The Pres." The Broncos had a ton of opportunities to even the score but newcomer Gadulka stood on his head in net for the Cobras. The Cobras would score with about 3 minutes to go in the game to make it 3-1. With about 1:30 to go, the Broncos pulled their goalie and the Zamboni driver started beeping his horn telling us the curfew clock had expired. The refs tried to end the game right there but Nate Radl exclaimed "I'm the president of the league, we are finishing the game!" Our reward for that was Austin Mazur scoring an empty netter with 0:19 left to finish us off. 4-1 Cobras Final.

Until next week!

Filar: Great game Cobras! Gadulka was the star again for us, with some help from Albert. Felt good to breast a rookie rep, who will be petitioning the league to get taller boards behind the net.
Focus 5   Boss 3 :
Scollard: The Focus are still looking for their first win of the new season and face the Boss whose roster looks very solid on paper so the challenge will be daunting but the Focus only know to battle on each and every week. Each team has multiple subs at various ratings and the subs are approved by each rep but in his pre-game strategy meeting with the Focus the Beer Burglar warned his team to watch out for rookie superstar Blake Smith (the Focus rookie superstar Rhett Schaefer was out of this game) and stated that he wore jersey #10. During the game the Burglar noticed that #10 was pretty good but there was another Boss player that stood out who wore #19 and only when the game was half over did he realize that Smith was #19 – need to pay attention to details more.

The Focus start the scoring when sub Austin Mazur breaks the stalemate with an assist from rookie Andrew Daehn. Two minutes later Andrew gets his first FHL goal unassisted – the Burglar should have asked the refs for the puck for Andrews’s trinket shelf at home but failed to but Andrew will have this memory for life to be sure. Still in the first period Focus defenseman Tom LeFevre trails the play into the Boss zone and is rewarded with and open look and he makes no mistake to put the Focus up 3-0. Late in the first period former Focus player JP gets one to break up the shutout Bryan Sauve had up this point.

Late in the second period Webmaster Mike Normand muscles in on the Boss net and sneaks one past former Focus goalie Andy Samyn to regain the 3-goal lead. The Boss get one back to wind the period. Late in the third period sub Doug Nash gets a goal for the Focus with an assist coming from Mike Normand. At this point the game seems in control of the Focus when the timer on the rink wall goes to zero and the game clock goes into running mode which is unclear whether this has ever happened in the FHL before but this is the New World Order at the new Garden City rink and something that we will have to adjust to but the Boss get a scrap goal during this and the Focus go on for the win. POG honors go the Shin pad Denny Koehler who not only returned the game having sustained a broken or dislocated finger (a little tape goes a long way) but exceeded team beer standards and brought 30 beers instead of 24 and some were Goose Island Octoberfest – great job Denny!

Finger: Boss take one on the chin. Feel we carried the play but could not capitalize, outshooting them 2:1. Fantastic effort across the board but we are yet to play as drafted and need to find the W column.
Focus was like a meteor shower with too much of Mazur’s Comet shrapnel as he was subbing in for Rhett. Dude was all over the place and cashed in on several 2nd chance opportunities. Perhaps we were out-coached again. Outstanding game by Rookie goalie Suave. There were many great first saves that BOSS could not gather a rebound in scrambles. Focus were great at clearing the loose pucks.
Boss spot the focus 3 goals before Long John Peason showed he can handle the rough stuff fighting for a puck behind the net, working it up front and into the net.
Focus score again to make it 4-1.. I don’t have the score sheet, probably something Mazur did.
Special thanks for the outstanding game by Sub John Crisi. Superhero did not lose 1 draw. Best was a faceoff win to Fecker on the point who picked his corner and beat Bryan low glove.
Then Focus stick one in our eye a 5th time.
Last minute, the NO QUIT BOSS score another when Blake Smith uses brute force to will his way through 2 Focus D, Suave makes a great save but Franchise Peters puts in the rebound, nothing but net. Scoring ends 5-3 bad guys. Good game by Boss goalie, we could not give him enough protection and gave up too many odd man rushes.
Next week we visit the 2015 champ Marauders in their home rink. We best be ready.
GranTorinos 7   Falcons 2 :
Bordeau: Falcons struggled at both ends of the ice and could not contain the speed of the GT's.
Brett M scored 2 nice goals and we had the puck in the crease 3 more times but could not get it over the red goal line.

Michell: The GT got started on time, scoring the games first goal less than a minute into the first shift with Ruben cleaning up a loose puck in front sending Q & Q off down the ice.
Falcons didn't have any puck luck early in the game with a couple of scrambles in front of the GT net that somehow did not end up in the net. If they score instead of the GT turning these plays around and scoring in the resulting transition, game would have had a different feel to it. Instead, GT stake themselves to a 4-0 lead with top line getting all four. Albert has an off night and has one less goal than last week but has helpers to go with them for a 7 point night. Refrigerator material. Another solid night for the rookie goaltender with only a couple nice shots from rookie McKenzie finding the twine.
Sampled food and beverage at US12 in beautiful downtown Wayne. Wings were good and the pizza even better. Owner stops by to chat us up a laid some swag on us. Need better attendance in the future!!!
Next week the Bullitts are on tap for a finals match up from last year!
Bullitts 4   Diesels 3 :
Kundinger: This was a sloppy game for both sides. In the end, the puck bounced in the Bullitts favor just a little more than the Diesels. We put this one in the past and move forward. Thanks to Giuseppe and Fortin for subbing.

Side note: Last game of the night should not be impacted by earlier games running late, etc. Running clock or curfew should apply to all games leading up to the final. We never had a problem with UMD and completing a game with Zamboni time in under an hour.

DePaoli: Not a lot to say about this game. Both teams made their mistakes and both teams had their chances. In the end it was Gardner with some key saves to keep us on top and get the victory.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Sep 11, 20175:00 PMCobras at Falcons
Mon - Sep 11, 20176:00 PMDiesels at Broncos
Mon - Sep 11, 20177:00 PMBoss at Marauders
Wed - Sep 13, 20176:00 PMRangers at Thunderbolts
Wed - Sep 13, 20177:00 PMRaiders at FordTough
Thu - Sep 14, 20176:00 PMBullitts at GranTorinos
Thu - Sep 14, 20177:00 PMMavericks at Focus

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
This is the shortened edition of the three stars as there are three games that have not been played yet for Week 2. But we have to go with what we have. So we will. 7 Points for Albert gets him the top spot, Hoyt has a for point night and we give newcomer Brett a nod for his two goals.
Albert Quattrin
James Hoyt
Brett McKenzie