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September 18, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 3
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Tommy Conti4
Austin Mazur3
Eric Peters3
Christopher Warren3

Play Makers...Assts
Blake Smith3
Who's Hot…
Hey, it's week three and we have a few teams that have indeed started out the season 3-0. Congrats to the Cobras and the Bullitts. Nice start.
...and NOT…
The Falcons get the distinction of being the only team in the league to begin this season 0-3.
Week 3 Intro :
Full compliment of write-ups this week. I really enjoy when the Reps all put in something for us all to read. Makes putting the Gazette together a bit more enjoyable. Time to get out of the way and let them take over. Till next week.

Week 3 in Review :
Cobras 5   Falcons 2 :
Bordeau: Fast paced Cobras team, except Pat D. took it to us at both ends of the ice. Couple of breakaway goals and an empty netter.
Falcons struggling to even get out of own end of the ice. Sub Alex P played good to try and help out our cause.

Filar: Slow start to tonight's contest for the Cobras. Player of the game honors go to Austin for a hat trick and getting the team to rally. Thanks to Albert for being a last minute sub.
Broncos 1   Diesels 1 :
Kluegel: Scoring was at a premium in this contest. The Diesels subbed in Garrett White for Joe Korepta to try and gain an offensive edge, but this game would end in a 1-1 tie.

The Diesels came out strong early, putting a ton of pressure on the Broncos deep in their own zone. The Broncos put an emphasis on getting off to a better start after starting the previous two games down 2-0 after 1 period. The Broncos were able to weather the early storm. 0-0 End of 1.

The Broncos were able to strike first early in the second period. Lukas Bell found Alex Wypych, who made a great pass to Avila pinching in from the point. Avila buried the one timer. 1-0 Broncos. Less than a minute later the Diesels had a 3 on 2 opportunity with Alex Lince carrying the puck. Kluegel failed to respect his shot and did not step up to Lince as they crossed the blue line. Lince cut back to the high slot and buried it top corner. Great shot. 1-1 End of 2.

The 3rd period featured a bunch of back-and-forth action. Nate Radl had a puck stop about 1" from the goal line and the Broncos nearly had an Avila breakaway with 10 seconds left but the ref blew the play offside. Once again, we were at the mercy of the curfew clock in the third period with a 9 minute running clock. 1-1 Final, the Broncos get their first point of the season.

Star of the Game for the Broncos = Brad Gough. Stood on his head for us. Tons of great saves.

Next up, the Beer Burglar and the Focus!

Kundinger: Another week and it doesn't look like the competition level is going to drop off any time soon. Both goalies make big saves at key moments. Each team finds their only goal in the second period and less than a minute apart. Crazy action in the Third as the Diesels get a goal called off due to a kick-in. Then with the game nearing its end a puck squeaks through Money's legs and trickles slowly towards the net. Fortunately Rob Rowland realizes the situation and makes a desperate swipe at the puck clearing it from the goal line. Broncos protest, but the call-in to Toronto could not find conclusive video to overturn the call. Game ends in a 1-1 tie.

Big thanks to Garrett and Karl for subbing!
Boss 6   Marauders 4 :
Soper: Boss played well and deserved the W.
Other than POG Mr. Chris Warren (5G in first two games, including the hatty tonight), Marads still have the summer hangover, figuring it out.

DePaoli and Bullitts up next.

Finger: Well it was a big game for the BOSS, trying to find the W column for the first time this year. Good to have Akins and Fecker on D together wrapping up the best the Rads can throw at us. Ice conditions not so good anymore as several puddles cause a sticky puck.
Game starts off like a chess game both teams testing the other and battling the elements. Scoring starts late in the first when Rookie Chris Warren unleashes a howitzer from the point that beats Andy clean. YUGE BLAST! On the ensuing faceoff, Eric Peters wins the draw, Blake Smith splits the D (it wasn’t easy as they tore both his arms off) and takes it in for the goal 6 seconds later. Rads will get even as Boss score then next goal on another Peters faceoff win big stretch chip shot from Blake for his second of the game. Strong on the puck, coach happy. But then the unstoppable Joe Z swipes Finger’s puck at the blue line and breaks in on Andy. Finger tries to stop him by jumping on his back, grabbing both hands on the stick, setting up a toll booth and blinding him with pepper spray.. but he still scores. 2-2
Boss and the pride of MSU take over. Peters gets the next two goals. EP Steal the puck from a certain Marauder’s (who shall remain nameless) no look back pass and goes in unmolested from the red line. Goes high Waffle. Next one EP is alone in front, Blake finds him and he pots it in pretty much the same place. 4-2 end of the 2nd. Boss not done and Long John Pearson continues his scoring streak when he breaks out a nice 60 degree wedge and goes top shelf from about 6 inches out. NICE!
Peters then completes the hat trick going in 1 on 1, takes a blast which shatters the Defenseman’s stick and deflects in past a helpless Caldwell. Nothing he can do about that.
Angry Andy keep the boss on top with several low pad and flash leather spectacular saves. Boss get lazy with 2 minutes left and the marauding marauders score two quick and late goals. They may have just run out of time.
Tough schedule for the BOSS starting the season with 3 on the road yet to play their first home game. Good to get one in the win column.
Thunderbolts 2   Rangers 2 :
Tymczak: So there's a dark room, you're there with what you think is a hot chick! You're getting hot and heavy, then someone walks in and turns the lights on! Omg it's your sister! That's what our game was like! Hot and heavy pressure all game long then the lights come on. We quit for a hot second and boom. Tie game. Alex played great, so did the team. Landyut stood on his head! Oh well, not a loss!

Vincent: Pretty intense game for the Rangers to jump into after our bye week. Without our #1 man in net we had to go to the waiver wire and Landuyt subbed in to help the Rangers big time!

Clutch goals from Winkler and Adams.
Shutdown defense from all 4 men on the back end.

Excellent game overall with both teams putting in a pair of goals and the game ending in a curfew enforced tie. The whole team from top to bottom played great and it seems our old legs are starting to get some feeling back in them.

Looking forward to the "Battle of the Bastards" next week against my former Coach and team.
Raiders 4   FordTough 1 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces Raiders and cannot get enough players from drafted team to show as we are missing 4.

I was not at game, but recap I heard from Champ Phil Rea, he described the game to me as such:

Rookie Fink went missing midway or 3rd period, later to find out he was in locker room not feeling so well. We had a nice goal that was a tick tack toe play at some point during game.

Raiders had too much firepower and their goalie was unbelievable as it was stated we had chances.

Thank you to Eric Money, Matt Springer, Vic and Dale for subbing this night. Your efforts are appreciated.

4-1 Raiders...

McKenzie: It's what we needed after a tough loss in week 1. FT was shorthanded and we were able to put a few pucks in the net. FT put one past Jake, but he made plenty of tough saves throughout.

Dolega put in two goals and Jude put the game away with 2 minutes left.

Thanks to Rod McQuirter for subbing late notice. Raiders are back to 500.
Bullitts 7   GranTorinos 3 :
Michell: Rematch from last years finals takes shape in this third week of the season. A lot of familiar faces from last year with a couple of ex-Bullits on the GT squad and the core of the Bullitts intact.
GT team rep violates competition rule and provides aide to the enemy by giving a couple of water bottles as DePaoli forgets his.
Game starts off with more aide to the enemy as we give up a goal while on the power play. We get it back later in the same power play on a nice pass from Rueben to a streaking Hoyt to tie it up 1-1.
The wheels come off from there as the Bullitts score the next five goals to end the second up 6-1, ugh.
GT show some heart and come out in the third scoring the next two, one on a gritty forecheck by Freight Train as he takes the puck and stuffs it home unassisted and another on a nice play by the brothers Q.
Tommie Conti provides the dagger by scoring his fourth and last goal to seal the deal. The middle period was pretty much the Tommie and Garrett show as we play soft and allow them to run all over us.
Bring it back next week with another tough game against the Diesels.

DePaoli: In a rematch of the finals last season, the Bullitts and Gran Torinos face off both without a loss on the stat page. before the game even starts, Bullitts rep just coming in from out of town, notices he forgot the water bottles, and in a good show of sportsmanship, GT rep loans us two of his. Thanks Steve!!!
The game starts out at a pretty fast pace but the Bullitts strike first on a shorthanded highlight reel goal from last years playoff MVP. Unfortunately Hoyt wasn't happy with that and he came right back and scored on the PP. After that is was all Bullitts and we scored 5 unanswered, mostly from MVP. Garrett added 2 and "Maple" Leifer added another. Gardner fought through the pain of a smashed finger to stop most of the chances from GT. On to next week for a rematch of the semi-finals.
Mavericks 4   Focus 2 :
Scollard: The Focus take on the Mavericks after the Garden City edition of “Beer Gate” where our drinking beer at the rink is coming into question once again but hopefully everything will come to order soon and life as we like it to be will resume soon. Prior to the game the teams socialized together watched the Bullitts-GT game and this happened after the game as well so the dressing room configuration in GC does add to more team interaction than did the U of M rink so this is a good thing.

The game starts with a ton of water on the ice that was a factor into the game through the third and it was hard to play but both teams had to deal with it and we did. Rhett Schaefer starts the scoring for the Focus early in the game unassisted but the Mavs respond back soon to tie the game. Late in the second period Rhett gets another one from Giuseppe but the Mavs respond again with an equalizer shortly afterward. The game was back and forth for the most part with the Mavs controlling the action in the Focus zone more than the Beer Burglar would have liked but rookie goal keeper Zach Cholette stopped (2) Rhett breakaways with big saves and Julian nearly had a nice wraparound goal but could not close on it but we had our opportunities.

The Mavs get a nice tip in goal and then an empty netter to get the win and the Focus need to get back to drawing board and regroup for our next battle. Hopefully the Zamboni driver will lay off the water a little bit into the future!

Moczydlowsky: Mavericks and Focus play the last game of the week and draw quite the crowd!

Ice conditions were less than ideal to say the least. There was a wet spot in the Mavs defensive zone that remained until the third period. The first shift looked like a group of mini mites over skating pucks getting stuck in the small ponds that were formed on the ice. Lincoln park doesn't look that bad at this point.........

Scoreboard doesn't reflect the pace of the game in this reps opinion, as the Mavs seemed to dominate offensive zone possession for most of the game. Had we been playing a game of three bar we may have won four times over. The focus lone two goals came from rookie Rhett. One shot from a tough angle and one break away on a puck the skipped over three defensive sticks. Did I mention the ice was bad?

Mavs Rookie goalie made some huge saves especially on a couple short handed break aways by the focus. The huge saves kept uncle Mo on the side of the Mavs who eventually netted the go ahead goal. One last empty netter sealed the deal by Sladich.

On to the Cobras.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Sep 18, 20175:00 PMRaiders at Thunderbolts
Mon - Sep 18, 20176:00 PMBoss at Rangers
Mon - Sep 18, 20177:00 PMFocus at Broncos
Wed - Sep 20, 20176:00 PMBullitts at Marauders
Wed - Sep 20, 20177:00 PMDiesels at GranTorinos
Thu - Sep 21, 20176:00 PMCobras at Mavericks
Thu - Sep 21, 20177:00 PMFordTough at Falcons

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Tommy gets the top spot this week with a four goal night. EP takes spot #2 with a 5 point night (3g, 2a) and Austin Mazur rounds things out with the hat-trick.
Tommy Conti
Eric Peters
Austin Mazur