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September 25, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 4
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Matt McCaig4
Blake Smith4
James Hoyt3
Alex Wypych3

Play Makers...Assts
Victor Quattrin4
Lukas Bell3
Albert Quattrin3
Doug Wilson3
Who's Hot…
W-W-W-T, not a bad start for the Bullitts, and it keeps them on the Hot list for another week.

The Cobras have had a better start though...four games, four wins.
...and NOT…
The Falcons have yet to get one in the win column thus far this season. Four games, four losses.
Week 4 Intro :
Four weeks into the season and one of the recurring themes from the write-ups is how hot it is in our new rink. Perhaps the fact that it's 90 degrees outside is contributing to this a bit...but one would think that the rink would have heard of these devices called fans by now. Nate has been informed of the issue and he will be speaking with the rink to see about improving the conditions. We desperately need things improved.

Alright, let's get on with this. Time to turn things over to our writers.

Week 4 in Review :
Thunderbolts 4   Raiders 2 :
Contreraz / Tymczak: McCaig is good! We had great pressure all game long! Landyut played out of his mind..again. He's the best goalie in our league! Alex played well also. Thanks for the of confidence Mike. Not much to say, if we start scoring on some of these quality chances look out. Like the play where Tymczak had a wide open net but the puck wasn’t right on the tape and he almost toe picked trying to take the shot. We've played some pretty good goalies so far! We did get Johnny Wad back, he spent most of his time in the box! He is a goon. Nice win for the T-Bolts.

McKenzie: A lot of penalties in this one. Jake made all the stops we needed to win, we just couldn't put it all together.

Still early in the season though. It's 90 degrees outside, so we still have some time to put it all together.
Boss 5   Rangers 2 :
Vincent: Big game against the Boss and my former Coach. Unfortunately their big boys Blake and EP were too much to contain and we were playing catch up all game. A very strong game from Reagle who kept the score close. Good to see McQ and DV chip in on the scoreboard but the Rangers will regroup and be more prepared for the Broncos come Thursday night. Thanks to Ruben for subbing in for us.

Finger: Well some games you don’t feel really good if you win or you lose. So many good friends on the other team. Strange matchup.. ½ of last year’s Boss team had to play the other ½. This difference would be the new kid. Blake Smith made his mark with 4 of the 5 Boss goals. The game started as most do.. punch / counter punch chess match. (Is there punching in chess?)
Rangers get the best chance off the first shift when an open net rebound ends on up the stick of the Danimal but Smith (you will hear his name a lot) actually makes a glove save taking away what would have been a sure goal.
Late in the first, Rosebud forces a turn over and shoots through traffic to somehow beat Reagle. I say somehow because even though we found the net 4 times with R2 in net, our entire team spent the post-game locker room chatter about what a great goalie he is. DO NOT TEST THE GLOVE and expect to win.
2nd goal was a tough one to take for the Rangers with only 5 seconds left in the period. Blake scores the first of four in a row battling all the way in from the faceoff circle (through Kepshire and Ruben, Imagine that lumberjack demonstration) and somehow found the 5 hole.
Boss were able to generate several odd man rushes.. Smith’s second goal was a break away.. puck squirts through to center ice and the race was on. He once again beats R2. Mostly because Blake is young and does not know that that never happens yet.
Rangers counter in the 2nd when the undeniable Dan Vincent wills in a rebound; overpowering the Boss D.
Blake scores again on an odd man rush that started from Capitan John Stadwick to Peters, (who had a phenomenal game) Two kids and a goat worked very well.
Rangers make it interesting When McQuiter blast a slapper over Andy’s glove, its now 4-2 with 3 minutes to go.
Angry Andy takes over with outstanding focus and quick feet. He makes several key saves in the remaining minutes. Boss support holds and the 2017 Boss beat the 2016 Boss. Special thanks to Nate Nalder subbing in who provided excellent hustle and balance for us.
Big game next week against the first overall draft pick. Coach have tough Job.
John Pearson. (I have to mention his name in the write ups, its in his contract)
Broncos 8   Focus 3 :
Kluegel: To sum things up, Mike Pawlukiewicz emerged from the Focus locker room looking exhausted and his face was red. A member of the Broncos said, "Man, it looks like you just got hit by a bus!" Mike's reply, "well, we did..."

Motivated by a wager with the Beer Burglar for a case of beer and Pat Maloney's new playlist, the Broncos played their best game of the season.

Alex Avila opened the scoring on assists from Doug Wilson and Alex Wypych. Rhett Schaefer responded shortly after by undressing Kluegel and the goal tender to knot the game 1-1. The Broncos would outscore the Focus 2-1 after that on goals from Avila and Wypych. 3-2 Broncos End of 1.

The Broncos really picked up the intensity in the 2nd period, outscoring the Focus 3-1. Goals were scored by Wypych, Maloney, and Kinder (great slap shot). 6-3 Broncos End of 2.

Smelling blood in the water, the Broncos continued their great passing, breakouts, and even cycling the puck deep within the Focus zone. The Broncos would tally two more goals from Wypych and Bell respectively. 8-3 Broncos Final.

The expansion Broncos record their first victory of the season. Great team effort.

Special Recognition:
Alex Wypych (3G, 2A)
Robert Avila (2G, 2A)
Lukas Bell (1G, 3A)
Doug Wilson (3A)

Thanks to Marc De Gagne for subbing in net. Next up, the Rangers!

Scollard: The battle of two teams that wear purple jerseys takes place for the first time in FHL history as I do not recall any teams with purple back in the Inkster era for those old timers that were playing then can remember. Both the Focus and Broncos are off to slow starts with the Focus looking to get to .500 on the year and the Broncos looking for their first victory and rookie rep Kluges bets the Beer Burglar a case of beer on the game as he did on multiple occasions last year when he was RIT (rep in training) on Ford Tough. The Burglar accepts the bet and the game begins with another week of significant water left on the ice by the Zamboni even though Stale Dale Cunningham claimed that he spoke to somebody at the rink prior to the game to ratchet down on the water valve and drive faster but in any event the situation hasn’t improved over the last two weeks.

The Broncos begin the scoring early in the first period when Rhett quickly evens the game up as he has done many times for the Focus this season with the assist coming from Poodle. Spitfire Julian gets into the Bronco crease shortly afterward in a scrum and bangs one in to put the Focus up in the game which would prove the be the last lead of the game for the Focus as the Broncos go on to get (4) unanswered goals to go up 5-2 and take control of the game. The Focus don’t give up and keep pushing when Spitfire gets his second goal of the game from a nice feed from Rhett who got the puck from G Man (Giuseppe). The Focus try to climb back in the game but the Broncos were too much on this night and went on for the lopsided win. The Broncos played a good game and deserve their case of beer but the competition in the FHL this year is so strong that teams need to bring their A game on every shift or a game can turn quickly!
Marauders 3   Bullitts 3 :
Soper: Another battle between long time FHL foes ends up in a tie. Great net minding on both ends of the ice with Killer Caldwell and sub Cholette for Bullitts.

Thanks to John Crisi, Jim Radcliffe and Vic Quattrin for subbing.

Sub Crisi with the first from Joe Z. and Konsti. POG Dave Born buries a rebound from Warren and sub Vic to tie it in second. Joe-Z with a late snipe, top shelf where momma hides the cookies ... ties it at the 5 minute mark of the 3rd.

Congrats to Dave Born on his POG honors for his first goal of the year.

Jon Good Times on SW corner of Inkster and Cherry Hill is a good place to grab food and drink after games. Good quality food, low prices.

DePaoli: In a rematch of the semifinals for the last two seasons, the Bullitts face off against the mighty Marauders in what might have been the warmest ice conditions I've ever skated in.... and if you think it was warm on the ice, the locker rooms were even worse. We are allowed to bring beer in the locker rooms now, but they are too hot to sit in and drink, so we are right back to where we started, except in a worse rink with worse game times and no good bars around. I miss the Oakwood!!!
Due to the warm conditions, play started out pretty sloppy and remained that way throughout the game. Teams traded goals back and forth until ending in a 3-3 tie.
GranTorinos 5   Diesels 1 :
Michell: Hot and sweaty night in Garden City! Not sure exactly what that substance was that we were skating on, seemed like ice, only much softer and sloppier. Both teams had to skate on the same stuff I guess. Heavily subbed Diesels get on the board first but the GT's rally back in the second period with two goals by James Hoyt, assists from the brothers Q. Timmay Raymond gets us a two goal lead to start the third then the parade to the penalty box starts for the Diesels and we take full advantage as they are in the box for tripping, too many men and child abuse. Another solid night between the pipes for the rookie tender and a crushing truth for him that the Molson Canadian here in the states is not the same as in Canada. Our lives are a lie!

Kundinger: Ugly game all around for the Diesels. Was close until the refs decided to use their whistles and call back-to-back-to-back penalties on the Diesels putting them 2 men short for almost 3 minutes. GranTorinos take full advantage and net 2 goals on the advantage.
Cobras 4   Mavericks 2 :
Moczydlowsky: I'm only doing a write up so I don't get fined.

Filar: Great work by the team tonight! A very good skate out there, considering the heat and how fast the ice was melting! Gadulka was great in net only giving up a couple of flukey goals, while Austin paced the attack tonight getting a goal, an assist and his usual 2 minutes in the box. Goals from Crisi and DiMarco plus one mystery goal (I can't believe I didn't take it) rounded out our scoring. Thanks to Bordeau and Albert for subbing.
FordTough 5   Falcons 2 :
Bordeau: Falcons come up way short again. Not much offense to test new goalie Eric Money subbing for Ford Tough. Falcons did not play well in their own end to help out their net minder. The whole is getting deeper!!

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces off against longtime rival Tommy "Stickbreaker" B.

Garden City rink is a flood. The Tough have multiple subs for the sauna game.

Tough open scoring by tip in from Copper King Heikkila in his first game back.1-0 Tough. Tough get another goal by Rookie Champman 2-0. Falcons cut lead 2-1.

Tough sub Sharlow scores 3-1. Falcons score, 3-2. End of 2nd.

Tough get nice goal from Chapman and then Lubes strikes!!! 5-2. Too much for the Falcons on this night.

Thank you G-Eric Money, Jeremy and Johhny Deblois for subbing.


Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Sep 25, 20175:00 PMMarauders at Diesels
Mon - Sep 25, 20176:00 PMRaiders at Mavericks
Mon - Sep 25, 20177:00 PMFalcons at Bullitts
Wed - Sep 27, 20176:00 PMCobras at Focus
Wed - Sep 27, 20177:00 PMThunderbolts at Boss
Thu - Sep 28, 20176:00 PMFordTough at GranTorinos
Thu - Sep 28, 20177:00 PMBroncos at Rangers

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
You needed to score a lot of goals to get one of the three stars this both Blake and Matt tallied four goals each in their games. Alex comes through with the hat-trick and a couple assists to take the third spot.
Blake Smith
Matt McCaig
Alex Wypych