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October 7, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 4
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Collin Peters5
Rhett Schaefer4

Play Makers...Assts
Nathan Radl5
Austin Chapman3
JC Moczydlowsky3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos, Focus and Cobras all continue their winning ways each with four victories now to start the season.

The FordTough (who didn't play) get to stay on the list with their three wins in a row.

The Diesels join the party as they also have three wins in a row now.
...and NOT…
The Galaxies and Blackbirds have started off the season winless through four games.

The Rangers drop three in a row to find themselves lost in the woods (is that a play on the word Rangers...perhaps) and are now on the cold list.
Week 4 Intro :
Well, I was slow enough this week to allow all the Team Reps to get in their stats and writeups. I mean, those that actually got to play this week. Two games will have to be rescheduled as they were lost due to the Zamboni at the rink having an issue. No word as of press time as to when those games will be played. Expect it to be painful though as I've already had to manipulate the schedule so much due to several other rink requests. Probably not what those teams want to hear, but that's certainly an honest assessment.

Week 4 in Review :
Diesels 9   Rangers 6 :
Moczydlowsky: Welp that didn't go as expected. Rangers come out flying with a short bench. Vrnak stuck in traffic Tyson forgot the pops. It didn't matter. We went up 4 -1 early and were dominating through one period. Only if the game would have ended then.... Diesels score 8 to the Rangers 2 after the early 4 -1 lead. Game was fast paced, chippy, and a lot of fun outside of the whole losing thing.Great Game for Dave Gaines with a big goal and assist on goals four and five for us when we were still in the game.

No worry sinking in yet in the Rangers locker room yet. Consensus is there is still golf being played outside we will be much better in October.

Thanks to our subs Crisi (who would have guessed John was subbing this week) and Dustin Jones.

3.5 OUT

Kundinger: Diesels were amped up to have a chance at 3 wins in a row. That looked attainable early on as the Rangers were running a short bench for much of the first period. Unfortunately for the Diesels, there seemed to be some supernatural beings unseen that were trying to have a hand in the outcome. For the majority of the period, the bounces seemed to go in one direction and they were not in favor of the Diesels. Diesels fall into a 4-1 hole quickly, but never hit the panic button. Late in the first period Diesels get a bit of a momentum swing when Nate the Skate connects with Collin to get the game back in reach 4-2. That spark continued in the second period with the Diesels scoring in back-to-back shifts midway through the period. Things looked like they were back in Diesels control, except for an untimely penalty that put the Rangers on the PP. They made short work of the man advantage and were able to tip a shot in off the ensuing faceoff. Rangers back on top 5-4. Something about that goal flipped a switch on the Diesels sticks as they would go on a 5-goal scoring frenzy lead by none other than Collin. Rangers get another dose of puck luck in the end scoring off a crazy deflection from the corner, but it would be too little too late to change the 9-6 outcome. Big thanks to Brendan for tending the pipes again as well as Giuseppe (glad to have you experience a W).
GranTorinos 6   Galaxies 1 :
Schaefer: We played about a 1/2 game of scoreless hockey until we were finally able to tire down the Galaxies and put up 4 goals at the end of the second period.

Akins: Galaxies can't bury their chances, remain winless.

The night started with some unintentional locker room chicanery by the Galaxies' esteemed Rep, which led to the teams' respective rooms (then also jerseys and benches) being switched. Karma struck quickly, however, as said Rep was forced to call in reinforcements from the home-front to ensure post-game beverages. With dehydration narrowly averted, the game kicked off.

In a surprising turn of events, no early goals in this one. Back and forth through the first and zeros at the buzzer. Then the second period happened. 4 goals for the GTs, including 2 in the last 37 seconds of the period. GTs went up 5-0 in the third. After a number of missed opportunities throughout the game, Galaxies finally got on the board on a nice feed from Hernandez to Kalinski to spoil the shutout. GTs then added a late one in garbage time.

Lesson of the week: when you're on beverage duty, you can be late for the game, just don't be late for the game without refreshments! Overall better team play from the Galaxies this week. Hopefully next game we can sustain our decent first period play through the second and get a win.
Cobras 4   Blackbirds 1 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 4

I don't know what to even say about this week. No offense to the Cobras but I feel like we out played them. Definitely had more quality scoring chances. Game was tight 2-1 late in the 3rd period, we get caught pressing and they get 2 at the end. The score doesn't reflect how close it was and how good of a game this was. Big props to Brendan Caldwell who for the 2nd time in 4 games has shut us down giving up the 1 goal. He denied us a half dozen times on the door step, on bang bang plays. I am still really encouraged by what I am seeing from the team. We move onto the next week and put this one behind us. No off weeks in the FHL as we take on Rhett and the GTs.

Filar: Hard fought game from both sides, but the Kai come out on top. A funky goal from behind the net and Joe Z. getting 6 whacks from the crease gave us our first 2. Then the D pairing of Lefevre and LeFilar combined for 2 goals and 2 penalties to carry us to the 4-1 win. Great game by Kid Caldwell to keep the Birdies to 1 goal tonight stopping Giuseppe on a break away and 32 other saves throughout the game. Thanks to Lefevre(2g) and Radcliffe for shoring up D for us.
Broncos 3   Marauders 2 :
Kluegel: A case of Labatt Blue Light was on the line with Soap Daddy and the Marauders, this contest felt like a playoff game throughout.

The Marauders came out flying on the opening shift with Cecott and Sharlow dictating the play. Cecott ultimately found Sharlow, who scored the first goal of the game with less than a minute off the clock. After this shift, the Broncos decided to make some defensive adjustments to better contain the top guns on the Marauders.

Less than 2 minutes later, the Broncos responded with an odd man rush. Chris Olszewski made a great pass through the Marauders defenseman to a streaking Alex Lince, who buried it. 1-1 Game.

The teams would each tally one more goal before the 1st period came to a close. Even though the scoresheet says Sharlow scored the second goal for the Marauders, Soap Daddy informed everyone at the Oakwood that he, in fact, jammed the puck home under Dare's pad. Once again, the Broncos wasted no time responding with Chris O redirecting a pass in front from Cam Barron. 2-2 End of 1.

Following the first period, the Broncos decided to make some additional adjustments to the lineup.

Despite 4 goals being scored in the 1st, only one goal would be scored for the rest of the contest. With 5:07 to go in the game, the Broncos got a tripping penalty and went on the PK. A turnover by the Marauders high in the Broncos zone created an opportunity for an outlet pass to Blake Smith. Blake took full advantage of the breakaway with a great deke on Little Caldwell and put the Broncos up 3-2 with the shorty.

3-2 - Broncos - Final.

Both goalies were outstanding in this one. Great time at the Oakwood after the game with both teams represented.

Up next, FHL GameDay visits UMD on Monday for the big matchup between the #1 Broncos and #2 Focus!

Soper: Thanks to Brendan Caldwell for subbing last minute in net.
Notha playoff style game ... back and forth ... both ends of the ice!!
Sharlow opens the scoring from Conner and the Canon. Lince-meat ties it. Soapdaddy bangs a loose puck under Olaf to make it 2-1. Chris O. Ties it again late in the first from Cam.
Great goaltending by Brendan keeps it tied in the 2nd. Blake puts a shorty in late to seal the deal for the “purple headed yogurt slinging” Broncos ... Slady quote! :0)
Nice turnout at the Wood after.
POG goes to “the Canon”
Focus 3   Thunderbolts 1 :
Tymczak: The struggle is real! On the not list, back to the drawing board!

McCaig: Another close match up during the starting weeks of the FHL. With Mazur and Mckenzie leading the Thunderbolts, defense had to be a top priority for the focus. Things start off well with the Focus getting a powerplay in the first 5 minutes of the game. 24 seconds in to the man advantage the good guys get on the board after a broken pass that finds its way into the back of the net. Good back and forth hockey, but the Focus hang on to end the period 1-0.

2nd period begins with the Thunderbolts tying up the game just 3 seconds in. A quick snapshot from Albert down the left side found a way behind Gadulka and we were all even at 1 a piece. More trouble in the 2nd for the Thunderbolts as they get called with too many men. All offensive pressure was put on Alex who came out on top of that odd man situation. Beaupre and Conti tack on 2 more goals for the Focus and now we have a 3-1 hockey game going into the third period.

Halfway through the 3rd period, Jasso gets called for a body check on Shin to send the Thunderbolts into a man advantage. Thankfully, Gadulka stood on his head for the 4th week in a row now and is definitely deserving of more production out of the Focus. We manage to hang on to a 3-1 victory against a quick and skilled team. Great effort every week out of the guys, definitely a top contender for that end of season run.

Next up, Kluegel's 4-0 Broncos.
FordTough 7   SuperChiefs 4 :

Bullitts 4   Falcons 3 :

DePaoli: In typical fashion against Bordeau's team, it was playoff style hockey from the drop of the puck. Both teams traded leads as the Falcons scored first, then Bullitts score 2 quick ones to take the lead, but the Falcons come back with 2 of their own, then LeFevre came back with 2 of his own to put the Bullitts ahead and we were able to hold off the Falcons (barely) for the win. Great game from both teams.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Oct 07, 20195:00 PMBroncos at Focus
Mon - Oct 07, 20196:00 PMSuperChiefs at Rangers
Mon - Oct 07, 20197:00 PMFalcons at Marauders
Tue - Oct 08, 20196:00 PMDiesels at Cobras
Tue - Oct 08, 20197:00 PMFordTough at Galaxies
Thu - Oct 10, 20196:00 PMBullitts at Thunderbolts
Thu - Oct 10, 20197:00 PMBlackbirds at GranTorinos

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Collin Peters
Nathan Radl
Austin Chapman