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October 2, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 5
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Mitchell Fink3
Garrett White3
James Yizze3

Play Makers...Assts
Jason Blair3
Karl Rossman3
Todd Soper3
Who's Hot…
The Cobras stay undefeated thru five games now. Nice way to start the season.

The Bullitts are a point back with only one tie to blemish their unbeaten season so far as well.

The Thunderbolts have a make up game yet to play, but they are also undefeated on the season.
...and NOT…
Nothing for the Falcons is soaring in the right direction yet. Five games played, five losses.

The Marauders have yet to get one in the W column this season.

Three losses in a row for the Focus lands them on the cold list this week.
Week 5 Intro :
Welcome to the FHL Gazette, Florida gulf coast edition. I'm writing this while looking out over the Gulf of Mexico listening to the waves crashing into the shore. So needless to say, hockey is not exactly the foremost thing on my mind right now...but the show must go on. So in order to keep this short we'll get right into the write-ups.

Week 5 in Review :
Diesels 6   Marauders 4 :
Kundinger: Diesels come into the game struggling to score the last few games. A little shake up of the lines is made to see if that will help and boy did it. Game was back and forth all night until the third period when the Diesels finally go ahead and don't look back. It was good to see the spreading of goals for the Diesels showing the depth of scoring on the roster.

Soper: Back and forth game ... with the Diesels ending up on top.
Thanks to Jeff "Fortress" Fortin and Kenny "Boom Boom" Kasper for subbing in!

Bobby Eastman with a POG 4 point night (2G, 2A) assist). Joe Z. (2G,1A). Soap (3A).

Bordeau's Falcons up next, battle of the basement dwellers!
Mavericks 3   Raiders 2 :
Moczydlowsky: Mavericks are all about that action boss!

Mavs must have had what seemed like 1000 scoring chances.

Cierra was a forechecking machine.

Zach was a monster in net.

Sladich went back hand bar down game winner chicken dinner.

McKenzie: This was a tough one for the Raiders. Terrible pass up the middle by McKenzie with 20 seconds left led to the Mav's putting away the game winner with 11 seconds to go.

Game play slowed down throughout with the sauna like conditions.

Raiders have the last game of the week next week, so we have some time to regroup and get back on the winning side of the ledger.
Bullitts 6   Falcons 2 :
DePaoli: The Bullitts get back in to form, and open up with the first 3 goals of the game, although it took us over half the game to get them. The Falcons came back with 2 of their own late in the 2nd and early in the 3rd to make it a one goal game. It was all Bullitts after that with the next 3 goals and Garrett completing the trick.
Special thanks to Kinder and Zach for subbing. Kinder sniped one for us and set up our first goal, and Zach was steady as a rock back in net.

Bordeau: Another hot day at the rink in late September. Bullitts look good with 2 upgrade subs. One in goal the new guy Zach Chollete. He should not be in the third tier for goalies. Falcons with 2 subs of their own Shin S and Marc De Gagne in nets.
Bullitts have many players from last years Championship team and they played like it. Falcons did not have much to bring. Another Loss. Marc D had many shots against and played well. Thanks to Shin S for subbing also. Falcons play another Monday game against Soap daddy's Maraurders
Cobras 7   Focus 3 :
Scollard: The Focus are still looking to get on track this season but with numerous lineup changes and multiple subs every game so far it has been difficult but that is life in the FHL. The road especially doesn’t get any easier when the opponent for the week is the league’s #1 team and undefeated Cobras. The word around the GC rink is that there are (2) Zamboni drivers – a blonde guy with a pony tail who does a great job and a heavier guy with short dark hair who loves to handle the Zamboni water valve so much that we are swimming more than playing hockey when he gets done. The Beer Burglar sees the blonde guy with the pony tail hanging around the end of the rink prior to the game and this hypothesis proved to be true as the ice turned out to be good tonight!

The Focus put some early pressure on the Cobras but their goalie played solid and nothing was able to get past him. The Bras capitalize on the inability of the Focus to take the lead and get (4) unanswered goals through some shoddy D and also a brilliant shot to take control of the game. The Focus do not quit and Rhett has at least (3) breakaways and multiple scoring chances but can’t seem to get one in until his persistence pays off and the Focus get on the board with the assists coming from Tom LeFevre and sub Doug Nash. Andrew Daehn gets an unassisted goal to give the Focus some life but the Cobras score again to regain control of the game again. Rhett gets his 4th breakaway of the night and learned his lesson earlier in the game and attempts a Petr Forsberg highlight play and it works to get the Focus back in the game. Poodle and the Beer Burglar were commenting to each other on the bench that we wouldn’t even attempt a play like this even if we were the only players on the ice but Rhett knows how to do it well.

The Cobras get (2) more to put the game away but the Focus still don’t quit and Tom drives one in from the point with the buzzer going but after the play was reviewed in Redford (the Toronto of the FHL) it was ruled no goal and the game ends. The Focus look to come back to work next week against the Tough.

Filar: Thanks to Darren Lewis for subbing for Albert this week!

Members of the second line meet each other for the first time, say hi, then proceed to go out there and dominate. Yizze(3g,1a) Lewis(1g,2a) and Rossman(3a) rack up an impressive amount of points in their inaugural performance. Rest of the team played well and the Cobras keep on rolling.
Thunderbolts 6   Boss 2 :
Finger: Our teams were more evenly matched than the score would show. In the end, Boss take one on the chin. T-bolts capitalized on their opportunities Boss could not. Strange game, no pregame chatter.. A boxer's prefight staredown if you will.. Just respect for the tough task at hand. Unfortunately, Boss once again are outcoached. Coach bad.. Coach -4, “Get off the ice Dunlop”
Both goalies are impenetrable in the first and play great. Andy faced a ton of shots. More Rubber than Firestone. As expected from evenly matched teams, there was a lot of back and forth sparring and light jabs.. The jabs became haymakers soon enough.. Refs let them play a rough and physical game. Once the scoring started things opened up.
Bolts were tough in all zones. With all our focus on their top guns, their role player made the difference.
Boismier starts the scoring on a goal mouth scramble.. Tbolts get balanced scoring and play a balanced game. Their 2.0 sub Rowland was my personal nemesis scoring a goal and setting one up with 1 second left in the 2nd period. Good coaching and well subbed.
Boss get goals by Long John Pearson on a smart play by Capitan John Stadwick throwing a puck at Alex purposely looking for a rebound that we were able to collect.
Our # 1 Blake Smith swipes the puck from their D (Who called for it) and goes in for a breakaway goal.
McCaig gets two, Johnny gets one, Boismier, Rowland and Strahan score. Word to the wise and you other coaches out there, do not take a shift off against this team .. They are good.
There was an unfortunate incident where a Bolts player took a Boss stick that got stuck in the boards and broke it off the net. We don’t need that.. $170 bucks warrior man! Keep it classy and keep the sportsmanship and respect high. That’s what separates this league from others.
It was a good, rough and fun game, we would rather win of course and we feel we owe them one. tough one for the coach who has to explain to the kids why we are not on the HOT List. Thanks to EP who embodied Boss hockey playing damn hard right to the end. He takes the A from Akins who earned it earlier in the day for icing the beverages.

Tymczak: Contreraz: Hard fought game. Both teams had a lot of quality chances but both goalies kept their teams in it to keep it 0-0 after 1. T-Bolts get on the scoreboard first with a nice goal by Dan Boismier (I think it deflected off his ass). McCaig scores T-Bolts up 2-0. Boss get one back on a knuckle puck that gets stopped but Pearson puts in the rebound. McCaig scores his second of the game with under a 30 seconds left in the period. Not to be out done the Big Canadian John Watkin scores with a second left in third period T-Bolts up 4-1.Rob Rowland subbing for Tymczak goes bar down on Saymn 5-1. Blake Smith pops the water bottle off the net on a breakaway to make the score 5-2. Cooper Strahan scores. Final 6-2. Game closer then the score shows. Alex played a stellar game stopping 2 out of 3 breakaways and making some highlight reel saves. (A lot of pucks hit him). Next week Gt
Wow what a game! Thanks to Rowland and Filar dog for subbing! I wasn't there soo see Alex's report!
FordTough 6   GranTorinos 2 :
Michell: Not a great night at the rink for the GT. Got out played in front of the nets, they tied us up in front of theirs, we didn't tie them up in front of ours. They capitalized on their chances and we didn't capitalize enough on ours since Albert saved all his goals for the second game! Giving up two goals while on the PP is never a good thing either.

FT race off to a 4-0 lead on the speed of their young whips Fink and Blair, until late in the second when James Hoyt gets us on the board. They come back with two more in the third to make it a rout but there is no quit in the GT's and we finally get one more from Hoyt to close out the scoring.

Tough night between the pipes for our rookie tender as we leave him hung out to dry as we left guys open in front and on the back door.

We'll regroup and bring it back next week with another tough match up against the undefeated Thunderbolts and Ruben Jr.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces off against 3rd place Gran Torinos in Thursday matchup.

Tough Mitchell Fink gets on the board quickly from a pass from Jason Blair and Phil Rea to open scoring at 8:17 mark 1-0 Tough. 2 min left, Blair from Fink to close the period 2-0.

Blair and Fink score 2 more to open the 2nd period from Rea as this line is showing some great playmaking early in the season. 4-0 Tough. Former Ford Tough Rookie of the year Hoyt, finally gets a little sunshine while his former coach is on bench and cuts Tough lead 4-1. End of 2nd.

Fink and Rea get quick goals in the 3rd to really put the icing on cake as Tough take a 6-1 lead. Hoyt gets another with a minute left and GOS a little tired from chasing him all game. final 6-2.

Thank you Eric Money and Rob Rowland for subbing.

Demars to start Monday night! Tough hunting for 1.5 player. Maybe we can take some of the Bordeau 2.0 castoffs as it appears many were 1.0's....
Rangers 6   Broncos 2 :
Vincent: So this is what winning feels like? Good to get the first W of the season finally! Great game by all the guys from start to finish. The game started out with a couple quick goals in the first minute of the game from each team. After that we were able to get lucky on a few pucks on net that went in. We caught Brad Gawesome on an off night and took full advantage. Missing 3 of our core players wasn't an easy task but thankfully Vic, Al, and Giuseppe better known as the V-A-G trio stepped in and played very well for the Rangers. Thank you! Shoutout to my bro for the FHL version of a Gordie Howe hat trick. Our team is starting to find its identity and we hope this is the start of something positive.

Kluegel: Hope you enjoyed Mexico, Alex Wypych. This was one to forget. I've never seen so many fluky goals before. Also, when is Albert going to get upgraded to a 4.5? He's subbed against us 3 times in 5 games...

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Oct 02, 20175:00 PMFordTough at Focus
Mon - Oct 02, 20176:00 PMMarauders at Falcons
Mon - Oct 02, 20177:00 PMDiesels at Cobras
Wed - Oct 04, 20176:00 PMThunderbolts at GranTorinos
Wed - Oct 04, 20177:00 PMMavericks at Rangers
Thu - Oct 05, 20176:00 PMBroncos at Bullitts
Thu - Oct 05, 20177:00 PMRaiders at Boss

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Goals, goals and goals are what it took to get one of the three stars this week. Congrats.
Mitchell Fink
Garrett White
James Yizze