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October 9, 2017 Volume 14, Edition 6
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Garrett White3

Play Makers...Assts
Cierra Lopis3
Matt McCaig3
Who's Hot…
Super red hot start for the Cobras as they have won every game for six weeks in a row now.

The Bullitts are undefeated for six weeks with only one tie to blemish an otherwise perfect season.
...and NOT…
The Marauders have not won a game yet, and thus remain on the cold list for another week.

The Focus get a point this week, but a tie is not a win and only a win gets you off the cold list.

The Raiders have dropped three in a row...and find themselves on the not list this week.
Week 6 Intro :
It's FHL Gazette, welcome back to Michigan edition for me. Getting a late start on things coming back from vacation just put me behind on everything, the Gazette included. The Reps all did a great job of getting their write-ups in though. So let's get to those.

Week 6 in Review :
Focus 3   FordTough 3 :
Scollard: The Beer Burglar and the Focus face long-time rival Ford Tough for the first game of the week. The folks at the GC rink are so nice when the Burglar goes to get his locker room key the lady behind the counter offers to fill the Focus water bottles for him with that good Wayne County water – that is some good service that was not seen at the U of M rink for sure!

Ford Tough comes into this game as drafted and the Focus sub two which doesn’t make their slow start to the season any easier but the game has to go on. G Man starts the scoring late in the 2nd period with a nice goal on superstar goalie DeMars with the assist going to sub Doug Nash. Rhett gets the second goal for the Focus a short time later with assist coming from #2 draft pick Tom L – EOS.

Ford Tough takes advantage of a power play opportunity in the 3rd to get within one goal. Rhett and Tom team up again for another goal to get the two-goal lead back for the Focus. Ford Tough score again to get within one goal again. The Focus are looking to get the two-goal lead back when a FT player gets wide on Shin Pad Denny and gets the corner. Denny is gassed at this point in the shift and goes down but does not give up on the play and does a snow angel on his back along with working his stick and head around in an attempt to thwart this scoring play but to no avail and the game is tied 3-3. With 5 seconds left and faceoff deep in the FT zone (the curfew clock did not run in this game) the Burglar pulls Bryan from between the pipes to go for the win and the Focus get 2 quality scoring opportunities but could not score the game winner and the game ends in a tie.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces off against Focus in battle of past team mates, and champions.

Tough come into game as drafted for first game of season. Expecting great results based on Focus recent showings. The Tough found out quickly that the Focus was hungry for Victory as they score 2 goals in 1st for a 2-0 lead after 1.
Then the Tough Mitchell Fink cuts the lead 2-1 in 2nd. In the 3rd, Focus score again to go up 3-1.

Going gets Tough, Tough cut lead on power play with Spencer gets nice pass to cut lead 3-2.

Tough in late minutes of game, Rookie Austin Chapman gets I think another Power Play goal to tie game 3-3.

Focus pull goalie with 7 seconds left to try and get the victory. Get a couple of shots off, but could not break the tie.

Beer Buglar Wolverine fan heard commenting that he was trying to show Sparty Dalimonte what his wolverines were going to do later in the week to state...... HOW BOUT THEM SPARTANS!!!!!! GO GREEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!
Falcons 5   Marauders 2 :
Bordeau: Falcons get their first Win of the season in week #6. Its all up hill from here. Our first line out played their first line. And we had our first PP goal of the season.
Thanks to sun Alex L subbing for myself.

Soper: Battle of the basement dwellers.
Brutal ... wheels falling off the Marauder bus!
Newcomer McKenzie with the hatty for the Falcons.

Joe Z. and Warren with our only goals.
JC and Mavs next week ... let's head to Oakwood after, get your hall passes ladies!
Cobras 6   Diesels 3 :
Filar: Diesels Came out strong tonight, we couldn't get out of our zone for the first 5 minutes. Some quality saves from Gadulka kept the game scoreless. Finally the Cobras get out of the zone then Mazur does his his best Gus Nyquist impression circling the net again and again before firing a backhander in to put us on the board. The team responded and by the end of the first it was 4-0 Cobras. The game balanced out after that and was a good hard fought match the rest of the way through.

It feels wrong saying this, but thanks to Albert for subbing again this week.

Kundinger: Diesels come out and dominate the play for the first half of period 1, but cannot pop anything past the rookie tender. Cobras finally get a fast break from Austin who scores and opens the flood gates as the Cobras would put in four more unanswered. Diesels keep playing hard, but can only net three goals in their effort.
GranTorinos 6   Thunderbolts 5 :
Michell: GT ready for another family feud, father vs son, young bull vs old bull. Young bull runs out to a 4-1 lead with only a goal by the old bull keeping the GT in the game. Young bull will soon learn that victory goes to the bull who finishes strong, not the the first to run down the hill as the GT score the next 5 goals to take a two goal lead into the final 5 mins on the strength of four from the Quattrin family and another from line mate Hoyt. One of these was an incredible hustle goal with the "freight train" getting his fore check on, battling behind the net and getting the puck to the front for Albert to finish.
Thunderbolts keep running, pouring on the pressure late and getting one back to get within a goal but can't beat the old bull GT team defense and it ends 6-5.
Good hard fought game, GT need to figure out how to start on time and not find them selves in such a big hole!
Next up the hungry Raiders!

Tymczak: 4-1 lead..dookied ourselves. Blah blah blah blah. Physical game. Some guy didn't like it even though they were the aggressor. It's ok to dish it but God forbid you touch them. Then thought it'd be a good idea to take a run at a guy with 3 sec left. I get it, but go home and beat your dog or something. Some guys have to work the next day and can't sit behind a desk. Some guys actually work skilled trades and can't work with a broken arm or good forbid a broken leg or back. I guess what I'm saying is why don't we be adults and think before "I need to make someone pay" or " I need to get revenge". Dude you're 50 not 12 act like it. Sorry for my rant but most guys in this league just like to skate and have fun. I'm one of those and feel there's no place for revenge in our league.
Mavericks 5   Rangers 2 :
Vincent: Closer than the scoreboard indicates. The Rangers were depleted with some of our top forwards out but we played a pretty strong defensive game and hung in there against JC's Mavericks. Strong 2 way game from our rock at center Owen, and he was able to chip in a couple apples as well. The Greane Machine played great defensively and was able to rip a snapper from the point that went top shelf. As usual Reagle played great and made some absolutely huge saves throughout. Thank you to Martina, Mclean, and Albert for subbing in for us. Looking forward to Monday's game against the defending champs!

Moczydlowsky: Congrats to Cierra Lopis on her Playmaker!!!

This week I am bringing you a special edition of the Maverick's team write up. A wise man once said give the people what they want and what they want is Ryan Jones' stats!!! so here we go.....

#63 pick of the 2017 FHL Draft Jonesy has played all 5 games on the season so far, netting 2 goals and assisting 6 others bringing his point total to 8 on the season. An astounding 1.6 points per game with 0 penalty minutes so far on his rookie season. Rumors have been heard around that rink that Jones is an earlier front runner for Mr. Congeniality.

This week Jones was +3 on the night bringing him to +9 on the season to go along with his 98% face off win percentage and a corsi rel of 7.7!. Jones also leads the team in minutes played averaging 16:10 this year per game.

Jones isn't sure who is responsible for his downgrade after his brief stint in the 2016 FHL season as a permanent sub but I can tell you he is out to prove a point. The 6'2" 225 Jones is a specimen to say the least. At the center me I e this preseason he led all rookies with 14 pull ups and 19 reps on the bench press. He came is 2nd on the VO2 max bike test lasting 16:40.

Maverick's face off against Marauders next Thursday at 6pm.
Bullitts 4   Broncos 1 :
Perniciaro: Team of rag tag subs comes out but our team leader Garrett gets us off to a good start scores in the first 30 seconds and the rest is history , thx to the 4 subs we had

Kluegel: Yuck
Boss 4   Raiders 3 :
Finger: This team gets nothing easy. Really tough game against a quality Raiders squad.. we are just glad they have not sorted it out this week because when they do you will be a true force to contend with. Game starts as most do,, little back and forth. Raiders control most of the play and Tee off on Andy who holds tough. Big Bob's team scores the first two goals.. One Andy would like back but the first was a clear cut break away when Layer got behind the Boss D. Boss don't quit, chip away one as Super Sub John Crisi (honorary BOSS) Works hard in front and beats the amazing Jacob through some heavy traffic. #1 pick Blake Smith ties the game with an unbelievable shot that needs the puck to lay flat to stay under the bar and into the waterbottle.. if it is uprght, there is no room.

Franchise Eric Peters give the boss the lead by knowing where to be in a scramble, he has the wherewithal to pick an open corner while the world crumbles around him.

Boss find them selves in an unusual position of beating the best goalie for the 4th time when once again, it is Blake smith breaking away after EP wins the draw in our end, makes two moves and hits Smtih in stride.. He made no mistake.
Raiders get another goal and Boss poop their pants for the final 3 shift, can't get the puck out. Andy plays huge picking off shot after shot though heavy pressure and traffic All in all , player of the game is John Pearson who brought excellent beer for coach and tended to our refrigeration needs .. Huge game by Akins and Fecker playing shut down D.. and Kudos to Martina who was very sold despite his lame d partner who must have been on drugs.. Really tough game. Thanks to John Crisi .. we will save#8 for him as he is a great fit.Coach appreciate the sacrifices of Tassis and stadwick.. true team players as one sits for a bench minor and the other forfeits a shift for a powerplay.. 2 Big Assist for Jim Tassis who informed us of his motto.. "I'm just gonna plow!"""" AWESOME!

McKenzie: Big thanks to Joe for subbing for us. He puts up three assists, including a 100 ft pass to Layer for a break away goal.

Two minutes in the third period really put this one away for us. We had plenty of chances, we just let it get away from us.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Oct 09, 20175:00 PMRaiders at GranTorinos
Mon - Oct 09, 20176:00 PMCobras at Thunderbolts
Mon - Oct 09, 20177:00 PMBullitts at Rangers
Wed - Oct 11, 20176:00 PMFocus at Falcons
Wed - Oct 11, 20177:00 PMBoss at Broncos
Thu - Oct 12, 20176:00 PMMavericks at Marauders
Thu - Oct 12, 20177:00 PMDiesels at FordTough

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
No shutouts and only one hat-trick this week. That makes the three stars have to dig a little deeper this time around. Congats to those on the list this week.
Garrett White
Cierra Lopis
Matt McCaig